Friday, April 19, 2019

That's Five in a Row

Nov. 30, 2013 was a night to remember.

With the win, Connor Shaw completed his home career a perfect 17-0,  No. 10 South Carolina beat Clemson 5 years straight and it took Steve Spurrier a long time to get the Gatorade off of his visor.

Here, the HBC is carried off the field after the 31-17 victory over the No. 6 Tigers.

Spurrier wasn't a big fan of the Gatorade bath, but we don't think he minded so much that night.

(Photo by Travis Bell/SIDELINE CAROLINA)

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PHOTO TIP Whether you're shooting little league or pro, if the team you're covering starts winning a lot and you find yourself shooting Gatorade baths, it's a good idea to use a an older lens. Hang on to that wide angle lens that's gotten old and may not be as sharp as it used to be but can still get the job done. You'll thank yourself the next week when your newer lens can be used for assignments and your old lens goes off to repair instead.

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