Monday, August 19, 2019

Sports Photography Tips - The Canon 80D and 300mm F/4 Lens

The Perfect Setup for Daylight Sports
  by Travis Bell

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If you want better pictures of your subject on the field, check out the Canon 80D and 300mm F/4 lens.

The 300mm F/4 lens turns into a 500mm when it's mounted on the 80D. 

With a 500mm lens, you can pull the action in close and the 80D's 7 frames-per-second is plenty to shoot sports action. 

The 300mm is light compared to other telephoto lenses and can be hand-held or supported with a monopod. 

Pricing, including camera and lens: 

New from Amazon: $2,350.00

Used from $1,450.00 

Ideal for: Baseball, Golf, Swimming, Soccer, Rugby, Football, Track

This camera/lens setup is ideal for those who have been photographing sports for several years and want better photographs. If you haven't been photographing sports for very long, consider the Canon 70-200 F/4 which becomes a 110-320mm on the 80D. A great setup for daylight sports. 

Remember, if someone hands you Jordan Spieth's golf club, that doesn't mean you're going to instantly make great golf shots. It's the same with photography. It takes practice. 

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